Researchers Database Listed by Surname being researched and dates in British Guiana/Guyana

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a list of researchers for hire - this is a listing of people searching for their ancestors. The surnames they are searching have histories in colonial British Guiana/Guyana. This website DOES NOT know of any researcher in the country of Guyana who does genealogical research.

If you would like to have your search surnames appear here, please email them to the Webmaster ( The purpose of this list is to assist you in getting new contacts for your search surnames.... therefore, if your request to be added to the list does not include your permission to use your email address for contact, we cannot post your request.

Surname Firstname Era Birth Place Researcher/Contact
Baig Sudhu b. 1900 Georgetown
Barclay 1800 -1900 Sharon at
Beresford Des 1897
Bowen 1850 - 1950 Plaisance Village M.Richards/
Bacchus, Gordon, Lalljee/Lalljie, Lowe, Lye/Li, Mootoo, Reid None Submitted
Breen Unknown Lisa Booth at
Busey Sidney, Albertha, John, Ludwig 1898 - 1923 Georgetown Sharon at
Butters Sarah 1833 - 1872 Georgetown-Canal 1 area
Colvin A.V, William, Leon 1850 - 1940 England: Beau Voisin Canal No 1
Clement Mandel d. 1917 Cove, John & Belfield
Cocken Frances Anastasia 1850 Georgetown
Couchman Christina 1858 - 1910 Georgetown Sharon at
Couchman George 1836 - 1910 Upper Demerara River Sharon at
Couchman William or W.D. 1806 - 1910 Pla Vengilance Sharon at
Dempster Clara Early to mid 1800's
De Ryck Johanna Charlotte m. Van Cooten 1800's British Guiana
De Ryck Louis 1808 - 1859 Mahaicony Creek Sharon at
De Ryck James Henry 1840 - 1915 Georgetown Sharon at
De Ryck Harry 1883 - 1923 Georgetown Sharon at
DeSaulles Louis 17__ - 182_
Dey m. Farnam, John Parry Esther
Dow John Osborne 1872 - 1951 New Amsterdam
Farnam John Parry Sr. 1823 - 1869 New Amsterdam
Foster Caroline d. 1938 Georgetown
Fowler Unknown Unknown Unknown Lisa Booth at
Gaymer J.B. ? - 1820/21 d. in Berbice
Hull Laura 1880 - 1990's Fund, Pen and Loo
Mangal Shadikhan 1926 - 1965 British Guiana
Manifold John 1884 Demerara
Meerten George Sidney 1829 onwards Georgetown, Demerara
Risien Unknown Unknown Unknown Lisa Booth at
Rickford Unknown Unknown Unknown Lisa Booth at
Van Cooten Adolph, Henry & Nicholas 1880's British Guiana
Van Ryck de Groot E.M. and daughter Emeline 1800 - 1880 Area Canal 1; Georgetown
Visser m.Sarah Butters Unknown 1820 - 1850 Georgetown